450 Wolf V3 Fiber Glass Fuselage (Include Lighting System)-Black

Model: HA450AF003RV3

Product features: 

Use For
DFC/Plus/Plus DFC/Sport V2/Pro/Pro V2/Belt CP...

*Body length: 705mm
*Body width: 255mm
*Body high: 150mm
*Body weigh: 379g

*Fiber Glass scale fuselage x 1
*Pellucid canopy cover x 1
*Horizontal stabilizer x 2
*Vertical stabilizer x 3
*Black wheel x 3
*Carbon Plastic Front landing skid x 1
*Carbon Plastic Rear landing skid x 2
*Frame Stand Wood x 1 Pack
*Screw Pack x 1
*Gun Set x 2
*Lighting System x 1

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Market Price: USD 129.00

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 16 June, 2009.

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