HeliArtist 600UH-1N Fiberglass Fuselage With Scale Cockpit

Model: HA-600UH1N

The new Torque Tube tail design allows for extreme reliability and no service needed installs.
The kit includes the tail drive gear box that allows the raised tail system to work effortlessly.

This kit was designed for ease of installation. All wood formers are all ready installed at the factory.
All you need to do is prepare your T-REX or 600 torque tube drive helicopter for the install.

Spec :

Length : 1460mm
Height : 320mm
Width : 410mm
Weight: 3KG

Recommend Setup:

12S set up 6S 3300 mah x 2 to 6S 5000 mah x 2.
This is really the most efficient way to go and will give you longer than needed flight times.

12S set up would need a motor in the range of 500 to 560KV
e.g. Scorpion 4035-500 motors


Any esc that can handle up to 12S

Download Manual


Market Price: USD 760.00

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 10 May, 2012.

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