HeliArtist EC-145 Scale Body (With Metal Upgrade Gear) (RED 600 Size)

Model: HAEC145-600R


This HeliArtist EC-145 Scale Body (RED 600 Size) is equipped with the necessary hardware, pre-cut plywood, high quality fiberglass fuselage parts, clear tinted windshield and windows and a new designed Torque Tube Scorpion Tail System. The kit can be completed very quickly to produce a realistic model which many scale fans long to fly. Like other HeliArtist fuselages, the EC-145 Scale Body (RED 600 Size) pre-painted kit is professionally air-brushed in super light and bright colors and each has a mirror quality finish with a clear fuel proof coat to add incredible brilliance and shine.

EC-145 Scale Body (RED 600 Size) is a scale fuselage mainly designed for Trex 600ESP with Torque Tube Tail helisw which can be installed in the fuselage easily and effortlessly. It is not compatible for Trex 600EFL version.


-High grade aircraft plywood.
-Top grade pre painted lightweight fiberglass front nose, body & tailboom, horizontal fin, and tail cap.
-Brand new design Torque Tube Tail Scorpion Tail System is included.
-Designed for most 600 size helicopter mechanics(Mainly for Trex 600E with torque tube tail design, not for 600EFL).
-Clear tinted windshield and windows are included.
-Scale Pilot figures set can be integrated into the front canopy cover.(Scale Pilot figures set is not included)
-Come with Upgrade Metal Gear Set

Specification :

Length :1460mm
Height :385mm
Width :365mm
Weight :1.5kg

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Market Price: USD 539.00

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