HeliArtist AH-64 500 Scale Rotor Head(2/6/10)

HeliArtist AH-64 500 Scale Rotor Head

Model: HA500AH6401

Item No. HA500AH6401

Designed to Fit
T-Rex 500
Other 500 Size Helis

Shaft Dimension : 8mm

including 120 CCPM swashplate / 4PCS Metal main blade grip / CNC Rotor Hub / CNC Washout Base / CNC Arm Set

Partially pre-assembled

 Included :

1. CNC Rotor Hub
2. CNC Blades Grip x 4
3. CNC Washout Base
4. CNC Arm Set
5. CNC Swashplate
6. Ball links

7. Anti Rotation Bracket

*Remarks :

Special direction setting is needed for the three main servos on the radio when using this rotor head . Please follow the instructions in the manual.

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