About Us

HeliArtist Company Limited is established in 2002 and has about 9 years of Fiberglass manufacturing experience. We located in China. Our missions are to provide our clients the highest quality products while staying at a reasonable price.

We produce multiple fiberglass canopies, fuselages, planes and other OEM products while we specialize in producing fiberglass fuselage. We have manufactured many types of fuselage and they are fitted for 450-size helicopters, such as 500D Series, Wolf Series and Retract System Series (Wolf, A109, etc).,and newly designed EC135. Meanwhile, we also produce 500-size and 600-size Retract System fuselages.

We have experience in helping many famous companies to produce OEM CNC products and canopies. Our clients can design any items they want. We also design multiple rotor head, for example, three, four and five rotor head, etc. Blades will be one of the coming projects. They are all designed and manufactured by the best quality materials.

You are always welcomed to contact us by email if you would like to produce any fiberglass canopies, fuselages, planes or any other OEM products. We also welcome dealers. If you would like to become our dealer, please check out our dealer request page.

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